Implied consent - s2 8.0 meter


“Sailing is about taking the time...”

In August 2007, we bought a sailboat, a 1978 S2 8.0 (26 ft).  This site is a chronicle of our experiences on the boat, and our invitation to you to share the fun we have experienced.

Within these few pages, you will find information about the boat, our on-going boat ‘rejuvination’, a bit about the lake we sail, and the our various sailing activities.

If you are an S2 owner, check out the documents section for a ton of S2 information, including owner’s manuals, brochures and more!

We have a blog and a photo section that documents the boat and the various projects we’ve completed.

The web site is evolving, so come back often and see what’s changed!

Happy surfing (and happy sailing),

Bret O.

"Sailing: the art of getting wet and becoming ill while slowly going great expense."

Here is what we have have included in the site:

About the Boat
About Perry Lake and Perry Yacht Club
History of S2 Boats
The Implied Consent blog!
Photos of Implied Consent
Photos of other S2 Sailboats
Information about the Zephyr Saildrive
Various Documents (including brochures and manuals) 
of many S2 sailboats models
Favorite S2 and sailing links
Sailing Wisdom gathered from others
Summary of the endless Implied Consent projects list
Boat Drinks!

Of all the sailboat sites on the internet, this is surely one of them!”
David (Davey) Jones, mariner 

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Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?  ~ Steve Jobs