single-handed sailing modification


One of the goals for this sailing sailing hobby is to allow Implied Consent to be sailed single-handedly.  To that end, there are several modification that improve the ability to sail the boat single-handed.

Completed Single-handed Sailing Modifications

  1. Installed sail jockey jiffy furling system on the mainsail - this elastic cord and hook system is useful to prevent the main sail from flogging and blocking the view from the cockpit.

  2. Halyards run aft to cockpit - allow the single-handed sailor to raise the sails without leaving the cockpit.

  3. Two-sheet reefing with tack reef run aft to cockpit.  The clew reef is taken in by standing in the cockpit.

  4. Pee bottle - allows pilot to stay in cockpit

Proposed Single-handed Sailing Modifications

  1. new self-tailing winches - CHA-CHING!!!!!

  2. jib downhaul system

  3. lazy jacks

  4. Raymarine auto-pilot system

  5. bungie and cord tiller steering.

  6. Run boom vang control sheet aft to cockpit

  7. clutches instead of cleats

Single-handed Ideas

As an old single-hander myself, I appreciate your struggles. I agree with Lee about the tiller pilot. At least get some bungie cords you can rig.

As far as the lazy jacks, they are easy to rig for almost no money and are well worth the effort.

Rig downhauls for both the main and foresail. You can attach a small block at the base of the mast and the forestay and have a light line that can be clipped to the head of each sail. You can point up a little bit and haul each sail down to the deck quite quickly. A couple of bungies will secure the foresail just inside your lifeline stansions and your lazy jacks will take care of the main until you get it tied down to the boom (run the downhauls - and as many other lines as you can - to the cockpit if you can.)

If you can’t afford self tailing winches, check out the rubber “tailers” they sell that snap on the upper flange. They’re not as good, but I’ve been told they’re better than nothing.

You’re doing exactly the right thing. Get to know yourself and your boat as well as possible BEFORE you go.


Have you thought of using the inverted duvet cover technique on the headsail? Make a hole reinforced by a cringle on the botton of each sail bag and throuugh this feed a rope 5ft long with a stopper knot each side. When the jib comes down, with the sail bag inside-out, tie a knot around the belly of the sail with the hanks still attached. Push the leech onto the bag and then undo the hanks. The sail bag should now fold over and your luff/hanks will always be at the top of the bag for quick deployment.

For the main I use Swedish lashing instead of sail ties. Much faster and more control, again re-deployment easy with just one pull.


Good singlehanding tips here.


Sometimes a man just has to go at it solo....

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