Implied Consent’s projects

I’ve always been a fan of those web sites that thoroughtly document their boat improvement projects, complete with scads of photos and intricate, detailed instructions.

I doubt that this page will be like those useful and informative pages on other web sites, but I will attempt to document the numerous projects, big and small, that I have completed on Implied Consent.

For now, this will look like a giant wish list, but as I complete the various projects, I hope to provide photo documentation of the finished items.

Philosphically, I would like to enhance the ability to sail single-handed.

The Canvas Project

Goal - upgrade the boat covers and provide a weather and sun-resistant top during storage.  This is less a do-it-yourself project and more of a have-it-done-for-you (i.e., buy it) project.  Here are the items that either are on order or contemplated:

  1. Replace the tiller cover

  2. Replace the bimini boot

  3. Replace the mainsail cover

  4. Combination cabin cover and companionway cover

  5. Foresail bag

  6. Winch covers

  7. Cockpit sheet bag

  8. Boom awning, like this one

The Rigging Project

Goal - improve the rigging, especially with regard to safety aboard and while sailing.  Also, improve the ability to sail the boat single-handed.

  1. Install shroud turnbuckles (replace existing
    closed design with open design)

  2. Redo the turnbuckle rings - tape

  3. Install Tiller Watch

  4. Install the sail jockey jiffy furling

  5. mainsail reefing (two line)
    for tack reef - use existing line

  6. New cheek blocks for reefing

  7. New big open turnbuckles for forestay and backstay

  8. Install downhaul (more discussion here)

  9. new Jib halyard winch

  10. new self tailing winches - cha-ching

  11. traveler upgrades (Feb 09 - got parts...need to install)

  12. New (second) set of sheets for foresail - single length so no middle knot - DONE

  13. Lazy Jack system (from Sail Care)

  14. install flag halyard off starboard stanchion (fricken guys put it on the wrong side!)

The Teak Project

Goal - although this boat is not a teak farm (having only two hand rails, the companionway boards, and some trim on the front hatch), the existing teak is weathered and completely unprotected.  This give us an opportunity to ‘start afresh’ and give the boat some glistening brightwork.

  1. Bristol Finish - two-part polyurethane

  2. remove hand rails

  3. sand and treat crib boards

  4. front hatch teak

  5. companionway teak

The Shore Power Project

Goal - Since my long-term goal is to use the boat for weekend stays, AC power is a must.  Installing 30 Amp shore power, with appropriate connectors and safety features is a high priority.

  1. Install main inlet connector under port cockpit seat

  2. run conduit to breaker

  3. run10 gauge wire from connector to breaker

  4. Install breaker box

  5. Install two outlets (one at galley and one at starboard
    settee) Wire and test

  6. Need to figure out how to run wire from settee outlet
    aft (no existing holes)

The Sail Drive Project

Goal - Given my current high level of anxiety about running the boat aground, I spend too much mental energy worrying about the saildrive not working.  

  1. Install new fuel filter onto bulkhead of sail locker

  2. Convert back to steel tank

  3. Install new spark plugs

  4. winterize lower unit

The Trailer Project

Goal - The previous owner rarely used the EZ Loader trailer.

There are several maintenance items that I have identified for

the trailer, including:

  1. Inspect and inflate tires

  2. grease and pack bearings

  3. rewire tail/brake lights

  4. paint the trailer frame

  5. stencil name on trailer

  6. grease moving parts

  7. inspect trailer winch

The Hull Project

Goal - Ahh, the big unknown!  I suspect that the hull needs

some maintenance.  It could definitely use a good bottom


  1. remove white scuff marks - try the magic eraser

  2. powerwash the bottom

  3. blister check

  4. new bottom paint (tips here)

  5. wax bottom, above waterline, and deck.  I found an
    awesome discussion of hull waxing and have reproduced
    it here.

  6. Not hull associated, but clean the windows. 

The DC Upgrade Project

Goal - The DC electrical system is in pretty good shape.  I had earlier replaced all the switches  in the DC control panel.  The mast lights don’t seem to be working, so that is high on my list.

  1. Install Add-a-battery (charging relay/battery switch)

  2. Install dedicated AC Battery charger

  3. trouble shoot and repair mast lighting

  4. Replace bulbs with LED bulbs

  5. Secure batteries with straps

  6. Add a couple 12 Volt fans

The Docking Project

Goal - First and foremost, I want to do everything possible to

facilitate single-handed docking.  Next, I want to make it easy

for people to enter and exit the boat.  Then, to minimize hull

bumps and dings.

  1. Install rubber dock line snubbers

  2. New fenders to replace the worn fenders

  3. Install guide lines into slip (with big fender forward)

The Plumbing Project

Goal - The boat is equipped with two sinks and a water tank.

I have not used them yet, but I want to make sure that they

are in good condition and fully operational. 

  1. Fix galley sink drain - use existing drains and
    epoxy new hose barb

  2. Test the water fill tube

  3. Fill the water tank and test operation

  4. Troubleshoot the bilge operation

The Interior Project

Goal - Overall, I am very happy with the condition of the

interior.  Here are a few upgrades:

  1. Vacuum all interior spaces (storage and other openings

  2. Add Hinges to v-berth storage

  3. Fix head door latch


The non-ending list of improvement projects